Decluttering + Home Office Makeover

    Written on November 15, 2015 | 6 responses

Two posts — two days in a row? Let me get me.

I spent the weekend in my home office due to a deployment that I had to complete with my team for my client. And spending about 12 hours in the room and perusing pinterest during down time, I got a plethora of ideas and got to work.

Since I decided back when I purchased my home to leave the spare room alone, I chose the formal dining area as my office space. The bookcase that you see in the picture is built in so I’ve sort of had to work around it. And since I’ve decided not to utilize the extra room and give that to my children as their mini-entertainment room, for right now, I’m hauling everything I don’t need in there until I can sort through it all.

Here is what the room looked like before:


I think right now my office is in Phase #322 of its makeover. Every time I think I’ve decluttered, I take a picture and I see that I still have way too much going on in this tiny little room. Like this:


Then after spending so much time in here this weekend, it felt so cluttered and unorganized. So I got to work starting with the bookcase. I realized that every shelf DOES not need to be filled so I got rid of a few things. And since the books bring in so much color, I decided to neutralize the room with a lighter color.


I also decided to color-code the books so that it’ll give a more uniform appearance in my room. Or maybe I’m just OCD, who knows.. I digress.

I’ve also put in effort to try and keep a cleaner desk. Since my desk is much smaller than the one I originally had, of course it gets cluttered quicker. I painted the top and got an acrylic overlay that I also use with my dry erase markers. Eventually, I’ll paint the shelf that the printer is on and finish painting the desk white but right now, I’m only focused on its functionality.

Since I’ve pushed my desk perpendicular to my bookcase, I have more space to move around and actually sit at my make-up desk. This was also a regular desk that I got from a thrift store for about $10 and I painted white.


And yes, since I also, AGAIN, needed to have something set up quickly, I didn’t worry about painting it thoroughly. I’m saving that for the holiday break. LOL! I added a glass top that Lowe’s cut for me to the top of the desk to give it a little more appeal from the flat white paint I needed to get rid of.

wpid-wp-1447616144195.jpg  wpid-wp-1447616624060.jpg

Eventually I want to swap out the curtains, but they’ll do for now. All that’s left that is absolutely needed are the doors. Still hoping for two sliding barn doors for the entry that leads to the living area and a pocket door for the entry that leads to the kitchen. Somebody go tell my lover this so he can come build them.


Not Really.

Love it Through.

    Written on November 14, 2015 | 4 responses

This time last year and almost every year before that, I was single. I had finally broken free from a tumultuous disaster of a situation and I was enjoying the freedom. Floating. No worrying. No drama. And then I got bored with all the free time. My kids were more involved in school activities and afterschool activities so all that the free time became more frequent, prevalent, and lingering.

And then I met a guy. A guy that came into my life and turned my world completely upside down. In a good way.


I had been knowing him for about a year before we decided to converse and be involved on a more personal level. I didn’t think he was my type and the same for him. And then we’d hang out more often than not. Daily and nightly text messages were exchanged. And then he said it — he said he wanted something more than just text messages and lunches. And I denied him. Until I didn’t. And now, I’m in love.


It feels good. It feels good to laugh and be held. To go to work and see flowers on my desk. To ask him to make midnight runs for Snickers, pistachios, and a coke and to also receive a bouquet. To wake to roses by my bedside. To constantly see fresh flowers throughout the vases in my home.


It feels good to love again. It feels good to see him.. to see his smile.

To be appreciated. To have him chase away all the sadness and knock down the walls that I’d built thousands of feet upward.

It hasn’t been all easy, but it’s far from difficult. And I feel so mighty and brave to be able to tough it out and love it through.