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    Travel Guide: Surviving San Jose del Cabo’s Airport.

    In a few days, I’ll be boarding another plane, to another country, and preparing myself to get through the airport and to my destination. I’m celebrating something amazing that I’ll share with you all later. So until then, I wanted to share some tips with you lovely travelistas if you all are planning a trip to Cabo or to another country anytime soon. And with the recent light being shed on TSA incidents, I figured this guide may be helpful.

    Be ready for Customs. Going to Cabo presented me with my first opportunity to experience Customs. It is busy and busy and busy. There will be individuals who seem to not have time to go through the maze to get to the agent and will skip through, but don’t be that guy. -_-



    I’ve heard it’s usually pretty smooth if the flight attendant has all of your documents to fill out on the plane. Unfortunately, we only had one form and we had to grab another one when me made it there. It was quite hectic to walk and fill out a form so just make sure you have a pen handy. I purchased a wallet specifically for taking notes, holding my passport, and other things so at least I had something to use to write on.


    I ordered this one from Amazon. There are two sizes you can order and I’m glad I purchased the larger one. It also came with matching luggage tags which came in handy.

    Also, please make sure that whatever piece of the form they return to you or tell you is yours, is kept in a very safe place. You will need that when it is time for your departure.

    Getting past the sharks. There are sharks in the airport. Timeshare sharks. And while you may wish you would have listened to them after you’ve reached the last leg of your vacation and you’re already planning on returning, do not stop. Say no and go out of the airport and await your hotel shuttle.

    If you haven’t scheduled pick-up through your hotel, or if your hotel does not offer shuttle service, you can arrange transportation with the vendors outside. I can’t remember which company I used, but it was a shared shuttle for about $20, which can be negotiated. I ended up paying $14 because that was all the cash I had.

    Your flight may be overbooked. And when this happens, the attendant could possibly book you on a flight that leaves in about 40 minutes. Which is what happened to me. Due to me missing my flight out of New Orleans to TSA, I was inclined to ask the lady how it was even possible for me to make my flight getting through TSA. San Jose del Cabo’s airport is extremely small compared to airports like those in Atlanta or Dallas so right after I left the ticketing counter, I was going through a TSA lane and then a couple of steps to my gate. I would still arrive early because had I not, I would have missed the earliest flight out and probably would have been sitting in the airport for a much longer time.

    I hope these tips provide you with enough information to at least know what to expect even though your experience may be different depending on when you’re flying.

    If you’re headed to San Jose or Cabo San Lucas, enjoy and check out my post on things to do while in Cabo.

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