I’ve come to terms with myself that parenthood, school, and work is taking a toll on me health-wise. Lately, I’ve been extremely tired and lifeless when it comes to executing what I would normally do. I’ve missed a week of school because of a really bad cold due to this cold weather and Iyanna has been late for school because of my apathy. Graduation is not too far away and that fact alone gives me the motivation to want to go to school but my body just won’t give in to my scholarship. I need some vitamins. Or maybe I just need another prescription of FeoSol. My doctor’s appointment isn’t coming soon enough.

March 2, 2010 will mark a year of me being at my current job. As a result, I’ll get to take a well-deserved vacation for a week. Hopefully this weekend, if the weather permits, Iyanna, Imari and I will go someplace fun and exciting. Our plans to go to the zoo have been postponed because of the Saints winning the NFC Championship, then winning the Super Bowl, then Mardi Gras, and the Jay Z, Trey Songz, and Young Jeezy concert. So, I’ll just continue to save my money until New Orleans is a little less visited in March.

Maybe Monkey Biz this weekend..

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