This has been the WORST semester that I’ve ever had. It’s apparent that I have definitely taken on more than I could bear. It probably wouldn’t have been so difficult if I wouldn’t have moved at the beginning of the semester. That is one thing that could have eliminated this unnecessary stress. There’s no way I could have avoided the illness that my son and I had to deal with or the death of my grandmother. Those unfortunate events were definitely inevitable. As a result, I know for a fact that I’m withdrawing from one class and I may consider withdrawing from another. This is something I definitely don’t want to do but these classes are overwhelming and since this semester will be ending in about 2 weeks, I don’t see me catching on or up anytime soon. On a lighter note, I do plan on attending summer school. Even if I don’t receive financial aid, I’ll definitely be able to save for two courses which is about $800. The money is due June 3 so I think this goal is pretty realistic.


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  1. Gwanii

    April 14, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    I had to hop my simple ass off of Facebook SERIOUSLY! All those damn games was taking control of my life lol Twitter..I can’t see myself parting with tho. I’m too caught up and I’m too nosy. My mom be on me to graduate on time ( which would have never happened anyway) and I’m just like hooker fall back and just let me take my time. I’m not about to overwhelm myself just because you think its possible! You do have to take your time and drop classes that you can’t deal with. I no longer feel bad about it because I’d rather take my time and pass my class with grades above a C than rush myself. You’ll be fine.
    .-= Gwanii – Be Evil Elsewhere. =-.

  2. Alexa

    April 16, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Whoa girl I am really sorry to hear that. I know the feeling of school becoming overwhelming, trust me! I am just ready for the summer so that I can relax and I bet you are too. This semester has been going up and down for me; sometimes I like it and sometimes I wish that I didn’t start school at all. But keep your head up, you are going to make it through :-]

    I am also really sorry to hear about you and your son and also your Grandmother. And I felt the same about finishing school at a decent time. The pressures that I was putting on myself to finish quick fast and in a hurry were becoming unbearable. I caught myself though but yeah don’t worry about finishing the race too soon. All things will work according to HIS will :-]
    .-= Alexa – Lazy day =-.

    1. Raely B.

      April 16, 2010 at 5:28 pm

      When I read your blog, I could really relate to the same issues you were having. I’m still trying to get my eye on the bigger picture. Since this post, I have dropped the class. However, I feel even more enthused about taking it over and exceling at the course and even being exempt from the final. I am aware of his teaching styles and the construction of his tests, so I know what to expect.

      I do plan to attend summer school, I just don’t plan to overwhelm myself with extremely hard classes, all at once!

      I hope you finish out the semester strong! (I know you will..) :heh:

  3. Nellie

    April 17, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I always love your post, sorry to hear that you dropped the classes but its a good thing you were aware of where you stood with those classes and you will be retaking those this summer. Just pace yourself with school, you will finish but on your own time. Going to school is an accomplishment in its self, all the awards you stated above that you received you should be extremely proud of yourself. Your doing good so far…. :-)

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