I’m quite aware that I’ve been absent from the blogging scene. Life hasn’t been hectic but I had to switch my focus to other things. I finished the semester with a 4.0 which is something I’m very proud of. Such an acheivement makes me very optimistic about starting the new semester. Although I won’t be graduating this semester, graduation is quickly approaching.

For the next few weeks that I have off from school, I’ve decided complete my To-Do List since I have more time. I already know the fall semester is going to be somewhat hectic because I’m taking more online classes and I’m in the works of revising my schedule to make it less stressful. It’ll all work out. I plan to work very hard. It’s something about an A in a math class that tells me I could do anything. Math is definitely not my favorite subject.

My daughter starts school on August 23. I’ve already gotten all of her school supplies and a few uniforms, so all that’s left are her shoes and a few other things. She’s excited about starting Pre-K and I’m overjoyed that she was able to get in. Hopefully this will be a good school year for the both of us.

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