It’s always a good thing to look at your school transcript and glance over all of the courses that you have completed. I’m a Senior and it’s an awesome feeling. I still have a few classes to take and I’m quite proud of myself. But, here’s my dilemma…

With any working parent, time is crucial. Currently, my work schedule and the times for the classes that I need are a major conflict. The schedule that I want has nothing to do with the schedule that I need in order to keep my incentive, medical benefits, etc. My job requires that I work 40 hours a week. Right now, I don’t see how that is possible without killing myself on particular days.

I’ve already accepted the fact that I won’t graduate when I want to graduate; nevertheless, graduating is not an option for me, rather it is a promise. It is an obligation to myself, my parents, my own family. It is a goal that I want to accomplish.

At this point, I’m not sure when I’m graduating. I constructed a plan to take a certain amount of classes each semester but it seems as though something always gets in the way. Partially, this is my own fault. It’s my fault because I should have transferred all of my credits from other institutions I attended summers ago that are qualified pre-requisites for some of the classes I am prohibited from enrolling in. Also, I know that my school’s online courses are full of bullshit. Online courses at Southern University are oxymorons. The classes require that you attend several sessions AND require that you “attend” (log on) class at a certain time. Where’s the convenience in that? Oh, and the syllabus, a major contradiction.

So, I have been reduced to taking 12 hours. ..12 measely hours. Although these 12 hours are the minimum I need for my financial aid, I was hoping to take an extra class. In essence, I only need 3 of the 4 classes that I’m taking. *sigh*

Hopefully, I can propose a schedule change to my supervisor that will fly. But if not, I’ll have to anticipate my graduation date further away. The more and more I rationalize, the more I see the fact that as long as I graduate, that’s all that matters. Yea.. that’s all that matters.

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