I wrote a post yesterday explaining how I had a lack of motivation and what I was going to do to fix that. I wrote that post while I was at work. Upon leaving, I grabbed my documents from the printer and headed to my car. Once I made it to my beauty, I put the key in the ignition, turned it… and nothing happened. Surprisingly, I didn’t even freak out like I did in previous instances. That’s mainly because I’m used to the mishaps with my vehicle.

Last week, I spent a lot of money in regards to much needed TLC my car needed. From window regulators, brakes, rotors, oil changes, and the like, I treated her to all of that. It was time that I show her some appreciation. She has gotten me through a lot even though she couldn’t get me through a lot. So besides the fact that after I got all of this maintenance done and a week later I need a new compressor, I also need a starter. Grand Total: $911. 58 (auto-mechanic)

This could have happened any other weekend, but NOT the weekend I actually decide to make plans to be social. It’s Homecoming week at Southern University and I made plans to attend the Greek Show and by now it’s apparent I won’t be there. I still have money left over after catching up on a few things but more car repairs is not how I wanted to disburse my surplus of benjamins.

Of course I be learning more about Summa Theologica or finishing my Mother to Son poem research paper, or perhaps sprucing up my Swahili, answering my English questions and working on my presentation for Management of Business; but, I needed the friggin break. I’ve had my nose buried in books for the first two months and I needed to just step away from that for a little bit. The money is present to get all of this fixed but I’d be a fool to pay that much when it can be done cheaper if I wait. Waiting will mean missing the festivities for this weekend.

If I miss the Greek Show, I will make it to the tailgating festivities!

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