Have you ever started a blog entry with the intent of it being a short, informative passage just to update your readers and it ended up being entirely too damn long for your own liking? Yeah? Well I’m glad I’m not alone on this one. My sole intention was just to give a brief summary of why my updates have been so sparce and I went off on several tangents. So, I’ll try this again – and this time, I’ll use bullets.

    Family – I celebrated my son’s birthday at the end of the month. January weather is the worst. It seemed like every weekend I planned to have my son’s birthday party, it rained or was extremely cold. Nevertheless, cake and ice cream was served and he had a blast.
    Finances – Financially, I have reached a stable point in my life and I’m looking forward to the comfort that it brings. I’ve recently opened a Christmas Club account, restarting my Emergency fund, and I’m also planning for a few vacations. to remain in this stable state, I act as if I don’t have it. I act as if I have yet to receive my income taxes, money from school, etc. It’s working wonders for me.
    Education – School is .. going. But, what else is new? Still, I’m not overwhelmed as I expected this type of workload. I’m still able to complete my assignments early and on time and I’m quite proud of myself for doing so.

    Social & Romance – I’m meeting and greeting. not necessarily romantically, but I’m finding joy and excitement in meeting new people and being more social that what I normally am. I still only have eyes for the Mister who has me flying high even though I don’t get to see him often. There’s a reason why I’m holding on and I have a feeling that I won’t regret it.
    LifePretty good.

    January ended pretty well and I’m looking forward to what Feburary has in store.

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