I know I’m very late with greeting December, but honestly, this is the first time that I’ve had in the last few weeks to be able to think about something other than Instruction cycles, prgrams, computer architecture, principles of management, and software design and implementation. I’m thankful that the semester is over but there is still so much that I’d like to do before the new semester begins. And despite my long educational To-Do List, I’m taking some time to just relax. Finals nearly killed me and I almost bypassed the preparation I usually take in being festive and getting in to the Christmas Spirit. This Sunday, we were able to decorate our Christmas tree amidst the chaos and remodeling with the house.


I couldn’t find the pole to my larger tree, but this 7′ tree will suffice until I get another one. It’s not as small and frail as I thought it would be so it’ll do since I refuse to buy another tree 13 days before Christmas. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that.

Anways, to get back into the blogging spirit, I’m going to try to make a Christmas-y post for the Twelve Days of Christmas. We’ll see how that turns out. :)

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