I’ve always wanted to participate in a photography project, specifically Project 365; but something always happens to where I don’t complete the project. In my defense, taking 365 quality photos is a lot to commit to everyday and I’d just lose my drive altogether. But after wandering around the blog world, I discovered Project 52 and I felt that is was especially made for me. Taking one photo, once a week, for the entire year? Yes, please.

So here’s my first photo.. capturing all that remains of the Fall as it’s pretty evident that Winter is soon to arrive.


I’m not a big fan of Winter. Sure, I love when it’s chilly and dreary, but only when I don’t have any obligation for that day. And even so, I can get passed that, if this wasn’t the time of year where my sinuses couldn’t care any less about bothering me.

But one thing that my sinuses will not get in the way of is my son’s birthday. He makes 4 on Monday and this year, we’re going to keep it simple. Perhaps a little cake or we’ll go out to eat somewhere. He’s easy to please. (:

I hope you all are ready for the week ahead. Happy Sunday!

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