You are reading that correctly: this is definitely a post about spending Christmas at Disney being posted in February. I thought it was only right to get this out since we’re gearing up for a true winter vacation in two weeks. I wanted to do something different last year and set a tradition for the years to come. I’ve been trying to introduce minimalism into the lives of my children for some time now and offer them experiences over things. They have adjusted to it quite well might I add.

So fast forward to 2016. Then fast forward to the Christmas Club account I began putting money in for flights, park tickets, etc. Then fast forward to the time we spent there.

Since my brother also joined us, we rented a home via Homeaway in Kissimmee. Our first night was spent enjoying the pool and dinner. The next day, which was Christmas Eve, we spent some time around the neighborhood and then ended it with dinner at Medieval Times. The food was decent. I think the best part was watching the children eat everything without utensils.



We actually decided to do Disney World on Christmas Day. It was insanely, insanely busy but we enjoyed it. The ride to Magic Kingdom was an adventure in itself since it involved hopping on the ferry. The lines were extremely long, but we managed to use our fast passes a few times. Whenever we decide to go again, we’ll make sure we plan things out a bit better. It helps to have the rides and everything figured out before you go, especially if you visit during peak periods.

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves. We were able to grab a turkey leg and lemonade, catch a parade, catch the dance performance at the entrance of the park, a 7-D experience (that really scared my daughter because she has her roody-poo moments) and much more. And ya’ll, we had EVERY INTENTION on returning to the park later that night to see the castle light up, but NONE of us woke up until morning.

For the next two days, we spent at other areas that were a little less populated by tourists. We stopped at Fun Spot, a theme park that was right down the street from our vacation home. It reminded me so much of an amusement park in Baton Rouge that my parents used to take our siblings to. Nostalgic.



We also had a chance to have this Zombie 7-D experience while waiting for the Orlando Eye. The kids chickened out at the last minute, so while they were golfing, my brother and I took on the Eye. You can barely tell that you’re moving, that’s how slowly it moves, but the views are pretty nice. A lot of the reviews tell you not to waste your time and money, but I enjoy seeing things from a different view, even if that’s in a little glass egg-like structure.


This was a special trip for me. I had never gone to Disney World as a child. I really don’t think it was something my family could afford at the time. And to be honest, I think my mother felt guilty about that. I never resented her for the fact, but I can understand how she’d feel like that from a mother’s perspective. My mother started saving for Disney World once the kids got a little older. She even included the children in the process. I’d like to think that’s the reason my daughter is so good with saving. We had every intention on going that year. 2012. And then she passed.

So it was important for me to bring my mother’s idea to fruition. To make this memory in honor of her. Four years have passed and I still have my moments where I miss her more than words could ever describe. I’m pretty sure I’ll always have these moments — but that is why moments like these are important for me to create with my children. They help me cope and they help me keep her memory alive while simultaneously creating my own.

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  1. Faith

    February 14, 2017 at 7:16 am

    I seriously just had all the feels reading this post. I’m glad you were able to do this for your children in your mother’s memory. You are a wonderful daughter and mother.

  2. Bee Lola

    February 15, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    There is a reason I have been following your blog devotedly for 7 years, you inspire me in so many ways!!! And you have a way with words. I can’t even fathom how I would survive in this life without my mom, so to see you pushing through and making it happen reminds me of how strong you are. I am glad you were able to make this trip in her memory and honour and glad you got to share with your brother too. Now back to Disney. We went on what I thought was a random day in February but the parks were still pretty full. We got the park hopper option so we spent most of the first day at Animal Kingdom and jetted over to Epcot later that evening to catch Anna and Elsa because I have a toddler who sings “Let it go” in her sleep! We didnt get to do much on Day 2 because the little one was down with an ear and throat infection. We went back to Magic Kingdom on day 3 and caught a parade where I danced like it was my birthday. We had planned to spend a day at universal but because the little one was sick that didnt happen. I am trying not to be sad about things not going as planned so I think we had a pretty good time. We also checked out the outlet malls where I was able to get my mom a gift I think she’d love for a steal! Doesnt hurt that Florida has a 5% sales tax too! Winning. Okay Ive written too much now! xoxo

  3. Harper

    February 16, 2017 at 12:36 am

    I have been hearing about this minimalism stuff. I am going to have to take time to see what it’s about. I went to Disney World as a kid but I don’t think it was that great. I like crazy rides and it was more cutesy stuff when I went as a kid but I definitely want to visit to go to Universal Studios.

  4. Amanda Nicole

    February 16, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    Mom of the year! Love the non-traditional ideas you have. Your mom would be proud of you. Keep it going Rae!

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