Last month was hard. Simply put. There was always so much to do and so many places to be. Looking back, I honestly don’t know how I survived running off fumes, time deficits, and depression. Every good thing was buried under a ton of unfortunate events, one of those events including the death of a family member.

I don’t know what’s in store for August. Knowing the way the cookie crumbles over here, it’s probably more of the same. Right now, I don’t even live for the weekends because that doesn’t give me the rest and reset I need to tackle the gruesome week that lies ahead.

Time management isn’t the solution. It’s needing more time. More time to tackle everything that I need to do AND have the time to truly rest. I don’t know what to call this season of my life… this constant state of overwhelm that I store painfully on my shoulders and in rapid pulses.

Hoping and praying August hits a little differently.

Rest, Reset, GO!
To Sum It All Up
Doing What Needs to be Done