I still haven’t gotten to a point where I feel like I have the time to sit and read for hours on end. I still have this month to get through until life begins to slow down due to the holidays that are soon to be here. Until then, I still have to rely on audiobooks or a combo of the physical book + the audiobook. While this is not my preference, I can tackle my tasks (that will stress me if I put them off for longer) while doing something I really enjoy but hardly get the moment to sit still and do. So here’s what I’ve read/listened to:

All The Sinners Bleed by SA Crosby – 5/5
The way this thriller is written is absolutely beautiful. SA’s writing style really made the characters and the story come alive for me. I have to read his other works. I have Blacktop Wasteland on my shelf, and I also want to read Razorblade Tears.

Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica – 5/5
Didn’t see that twist coming. This was a great, short read/listen if you’re into dystopian novels. Imagine a world where the animals contract a virus that makes them no longer safe for consumption so the human species has to get “creative” with alternatives.

The Undertaker’s Assistant by Amanda Skenandore – 3/5
Ok. I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t hard to get through. But there was nothing that amazed me. I loved that it was set in New Orleans and encompassed its history. I think this detail inspired me to finish. Would I recommend it? Maybe. But it’s further down on my list of recommendations. I also grabbed her other book The Nurse’s Assistant.

Up Next

Kinda trying to stick with a theme for the month of October as I always set out to do to commemorate Spooky Season. Checked out Louisiana Hotshot while randomly stopping in the library. I’m 30% in and there’s something about the way this is written that’s offputting. I want to finish because it’s a well-paced story so far and perhaps I’ll have a different opinion as I reach the end. This might end up being a DNF.

Without a doubt, I preordered the hardcopy and the audiobook for Out There Screaming. I absolutely LOVE the textured feel of the cover. I love anthologies and plus, it’s friggin’ edited Jordan Peele.

I’ve had The Getaway for a year now and I’m making it a point to dive in. I’m on the waitlist to check out the audiobook from my library to help me get through it when I can’t sit still.

What Never Happened was purchased on a whim from Amazon. I think I recall it being a part of the Kindle Reads that you get to pick for free every month for being a Prime member. Can’t fully recall, but I know it was $Free.99. And of course, I also ordered the audible narration for only $1.99.

Let’s see if I can finish all 4 of these by the end of the month.

A Few Thrillers
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Reading, Watching, Listening

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