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Thursday Sessions

On Thursdays, I’ve been meeting with a group of women with the same goal: a Project Management Professional certification. This has been a career goal of mine for a very long time and I set things in motion during the last quarter of 2022. We’re still at the very beginning of our study sessions, but I definitely appreciate being able to gather with like-minded women who share the same career interests as I do. It makes the journey a lot less lonely when there’s someone there to keep you company when you need it the most.  ...

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And They Did

I packed up all of the company devices and stacked them right by the front door as I await shipping information to return everything to the office. Two weeks ago, the team and I sent our departure reminiscent emails and ended them with contact information to keep in touch. I shared two years with an amazing team. It was quite the bittersweet moment, but it really made this business decision easier to accept. I’m beyond grateful, but it’s time to move on. I’ve been reorganizing and putting some of the final touches on my  ...

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They Always Will

Life has really gifted me with a whirlwind of emotions since the start of 2020. Indecisiveness. Joy. Anxiety. Excitement. Chaos. Tranquility. Navigating all of those emotions has been nothing short of interesting. Sometimes I know exactly how to get through what I’m feeling, other times I don’t. I think what’s been crucial to me keeping my head attached to my shoulders is that I know in the end, it all works out. It has to. It always has. And I guess that’s what gives me peace. As I type this, I am currently 5  ...