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From Home to House.

I don’t live here anymore. I only sleep here. Every day that I come home from work, this overwhelming feeling of bleh comes over me. I’m still comfortable. I cam still afford it. But I feel that I pay entirely too much to live next to my neighbors. My Landlord’s frugality that displaces my family and makes us uncomfortable. The trash in the yard. The noise throughout the day. The kid that feels since our yards aren’t partitioned, it’s community property. He’s the reason why I don’t even want to  ...

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From House to Home.

The Living Room. Ok, maybe this isn’t a HGTV special but I couldn’t think of a better title for this post about the updates I’ve done around the house. Last week, it snowed a good bit for Louisiana which prevented me from going in to the office. Here in Louisiana, we don’t get snow frequently which means we’re not equipped with the necessities to handle that type of weather. So, the weather pretty much kept me inside with four children. To keep myself sane, I painted my living room. The previous color  ...