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Finally Using Notion

I signed up for Notion way back when I first read about it over at Disa’s. When I started poking around, I thought there were too many layers for me to comb through to set it up exactly how I wanted when I didn’t have the time. I tabled it and continued using the notes app on my phone. It was what worked for me and it was familiar. After a recent visit to the dealership to address a recall, I found myself slipping into boredom and felt it would be the perfect time to learn about Notion and set things up. Once I started, it took a bit of  ...

Career, Tech

Thursday Sessions

On Thursdays, I’ve been meeting with a group of women with the same goal: a Project Management Professional certification. This has been a career goal of mine for a very long time and I set things in motion during the last quarter of 2022. We’re still at the very beginning of our study sessions, but I definitely appreciate being able to gather with like-minded women who share the same career interests as I do. It makes the journey a lot less lonely when there’s someone there to keep you company when you need it the most.  ...

Life, Tech

Preparation Mode.

I’m in preparation mode. That would sort of explain the lapse between posts. Since October, there was a shift in what I had to prioritize and when it came to crafting a post, my time and effort were needed elsewhere. But with the end of the year approaching and some much needed time off, I’m taking advantage of the intermission. I’m back in study mode and still on my quest to improve and develop the engineer within me. I’ve been both discouraged and encouraged throughout, but I’m still hanging in there. I  ...