Iyanna, Imari, & I.

I try to be as involved in my children’s lives as I can. It’s apparent that I have a very busy schedule during the week and I’ve made it a point for us all to do something fun and family-oriented on the weekends. This section includes the activities that we have engaged in and the places that we’ve visited along with pictures. I intend to update with the activities that we have indulged in as well as any of the fun events that we, as a family, participate in.

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Iyanna’s 5th Birthday Party – 11/07/2010
Parent’s House
I was a little late with posting and updating this page but nevertheless, Iyanna had a blast! This little girl received a trampoline, clothes, money, a Princess and the Frog cake, and other things. Her iPhone came late, but she also received that as a gift. And yes, it is a real iPhone!

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Pennington Balloon Festival – 08/06/2010
Perkins Road Park – Baton Rouge, LA
Saturday, after I got off from work, I made plans on taking my children to see the balloon festival. I had actually planned to take them to the festival last year since I’d found out about it when the festival ended. After work, I was agitated and tired but as soon as I picked up my little ones from my sister’s house, my daughter mentioned the festival. Turns out, my daughter had been talking about the balloons ever since we’d seen them in the air early that morning. She even had her little brother chanting “bloon”.

We arrive and there are literally THOUSANDS of people walking around, sitting down, running, etc. Of course I whip out my son’s umbrella stroller because toting him around on my hip was not an option. I had to spend money on water and food, things that I plan on bringing next year (water). Nevertheless, the kids got a chance to see the hot air balloons inflate and light up. They also visited the petting zoo where Iyanna held a baby chick and touched a calf. I tasted dipping dots for the first time, drank free tea, and allowed my camera to go crazy. We’ll definitely be back next year!

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Happy Birthday, Mommy! – 07/15/2010
My Parent’s Home – Maringouin, LA
I turned 23 on July 15th. This year I actually remembered. I think it was due to the fact that my daughter was a bit more excited than I was. I hadn’t planned on doing anything special. Responsibilities and bills cared less that I would have preferred to be at home with my family. Nevertheless, my daughter was adamant about baking me a cake.

I made it to my parent’s home around 10:00 PM. Usually, my children are sleep by then. As soon as I opened the door, the kisses and the hugs and the joy met me in the doorway. Kisses from my father, smiles from my mother, laughter from my sister, and Happy Birthday chants from my children and my niece gave me joy. Everyone stayed up for me, “little” old me. I really, really felt loved beyond measure.

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Monkey-ing Around! – 05/22/2010
Monkey Biz – Baton Rouge, LA

After I got off work, their sitter was nice enough to meet me outside my job instead of me driving all the way out to Maringouin. Initially, I had planned on napping until the next morning, but when I got home, I was no longer tired..I was bored! I was thinking and checking into something we could get into that didn’t involve a VERY large group. The kids ALWAYS loved Monkey Biz and I figured there wouldn’t be many kids there and I was right. Nevertheless, the kids had a blast. Surprisingly, they are still awake!

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Iyanna’s Graduation – 05/20/2010
North Iberville Head Start – Rosedale, LA

Imari, my mom, and I attended Iyanna’s graduation from Head Start. She was so happy on the floor singing her little songs and ABC’s in Spanish and it really made me proud. She loves school!

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Mother’s Day – 05/09/2010
Perkins Road/Kenilworth BREC Park

Iyanna, Imari, and I spent this day baking cookies and packing a “picnic basket”, or as we Louisianians like to say, “cooler” for a day at the park. I’d slept almost all day after I did what seemed like an endless amount of chores and we all took a long late night. So our week’s schedule wouldn’t be broken, I took them to the park to tire themselves. (hehe) I haven’t been on a swingset in a while. The experience is quite calming.

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Family&Friends Day – 05/07/2010
North Iberville Headstart & Elementary School – Rosedale, LA

Iyanna’s Head Start had a family and friends day today. Although it was extremely hot, it was good to see parental involvement on a positive aspect. The kids had a blast. I was even able to capture a video of one of Iyanna’s teachers jumping in the spacewalk. It’s refreshing to know that these teachers really interact with their students.

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AgMagic & LASM – 04/25/2010
Louisiana State University | Downtown Baton Rouge

AgMagic was a blast. We arrived at the event later than sooner but we didn’t miss out on anything. I thought it was best to bring in the stroller for Imari since he tends to want to wander off and “explore.” The kids enjoyed seeing the animals, petting them, and learning about them. Iyanna even got to hold a baby chick and so did I. I was a little skeptic about Imari holding one himself in fear that he might hurt the baby chick; so, I held it and let him pet it. He laughed and my heart melt.

Afterwards, we went to Downtown Baton Rouge’s museum. The kids also had a great time there. Camera’s aren’t allowed but they allowed us to take pictures of the kids, just not the art. It’s not a rule but it is more of giving respect to the artists. As it was time to leave, of course the kids didn’t want to go. Iyanna put on her pouting face and Imari literally held on to the framing of the playhouse. Nevertheless, we all had a wonderful time!

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Easter Egg Hunt – April 2010
Maringouin, La

For Easter, we went out to our hometown to be with family. It seemed appropriate following the death of our matriarch–my grandmother. We also visited Iyanna and Imari’s Godparents/my best friends and we decided to have a little Easter Egg hunt since there were so many kids. I played videographer and seeing the kids have so much fun brought joy to us.

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1-2-3 Imagine That! – Elmo and Friends – March 2010
Baton Rouge River Center

Iyanna, Imari, and I attended this show and had a blast. They danced and were so entertained by the lights and the music. I failed to purchase floor seats so the children missed out on interaction with Elmo and his friends. I’m not too disappointed about that because I believe Imari would have been scared anyways. Overall, it was a good show and I’ll definitely purchase tickets next year!

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