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I still haven’t gotten to a point where I feel like I have the time to sit and read for hours on end. I still have this month to get through until life begins to slow down due to the holidays that are soon to be here. Until then, I still have to rely on audiobooks or a combo of the physical book + the audiobook. While this is not my preference, I can tackle my tasks (that will stress me if I put them off for longer) while doing something I really enjoy but hardly get the moment to sit still and do. So here’s what I’ve  ...


A Few Thrillers

Ever since Disa suggested Recursion as a read, I’ve been hooked on reading thrillers and suspenseful novels. I typically read whatever sounds good based on the book jacket/synopsis, but I’ve been leaning more toward thrillers. I’ve set a strict budget for books this year so I plan to utilize my public library’s resources as much as I can. Plus, I just don’t have the room on my shelves to house any new books at the moment. But if I come across a must-have, I’ll find the room. Just not 20 like I usually  ...

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Reading I finished my Up-Next Pile from the previous post. All three of the books (Recursion, Wahala, and Take My Hand) were absolutely AMAZING. I read The Silent Wife and it’s a strong 2, if that. The reviews for that book definitely didn’t lie. I feel I only finished it because it was such a short read because I definitely don’t waste my time reading books that I don’t like. I also ended up reading The Trees by Percival Everett earlier this month and I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed the book. It’s the  ...