It’s only been a couple of months since your passing. Day by day, I’m learning to deal with the fact and I’m getting better with accepting it. I’m trying to highlight all of the great points of your existance here with us: watching your children grow, your granchildren, seeing great grandchildren, and even your great-great grandchild. Still, I imagined that you’d be around much longer.

I imagined you to be around to see me get married. Although I never had plans to get married, I’m sure you would have loved to see me as a bride. Moreover, I imagined you’d be around to see me graduate. It saddens me that you were able to see all of your older grandchildren, but right as I drew near to completing this difficult task, you were taken from me. I know you’ll always be with me, I just wanted to spot you amongst thousands of people, smile at you, and receive a smile of satisfaction.

Today, not even a year since your death, I recollect your existence. And although you couldn’t be with us in celebration of your 95 years of vitality, at least you were here with during the 22 years of my life. It’s still difficult, but I’m pressing on. I’m continuing and I’m dealing. Give me that strength and that endurance that you always possessed. I really need it.

See you soon, Mrs. Jackson.

Carla (Your youngest grandchild)

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