Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on how much I’ve grown and matured. I’ve had the chance to linger on the thought of my advancement and the knowledge that I have attained. While I realize that I am forever becoming, I can honestly say that I’ve ventured into a much more positive direction–a direction I plan to continue to move in. It’s clear that the things that I presumed mattered the most, are completely antiquated and obsolete to me now.
Moreover, I’ve found that I’ve outgrown people–past acquaintances, friends, comrades. I’m focused more on enhancing me and my family’s quality of life and I’ve noticed that I’m aware of my sudden gravitation towards people who are wanting the same. Everyday, I’m looking forward to engaging in things that will add to that quality. However to successfully do so, activities that I used to partake in regularly are now done in extreme moderation.

Has this moderation affected my friendships?

Have a lost a few friends during this transition?

Have my previous friendships that seemed so strong and everlasting, lost their vibrancy?



Nevertheless, I’ve given myself “OK” to grow. Afterall, who else’s opinion matters in regards to developing into a better person but mine? Am I worried about those who refuse to accept my positive movements? Not at all. My true friendships have endured. The strongest bonds that were created have remained. These bonds and friendships have veered, evolved, and adapted to the transformation that I’ve undergone.
I have a stronger focus.
I have a better view.

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