So, my parents bought a house. After years of trying to convince my dad and various methods of persuasion, he finally agreed to leave the town in which we’ve lived for so long, and to a city/town that isn’t so rural. I was present when my mom was handed the key to their new home–a home that she’d dreamt about since I was little. Did she cry? Of course. Even I found it hard to suppress the tears simply because this is the type of feeling that my parents deserve. They have sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I and I’m not at all pondering the fact that this was done after we moved out. I’m too busy overwhelmed with joy that they are living their dream.

To me, this is a monumental moment as well an inspirational moment because the life that they have, is exactly what I want. I want to purchase my own car, my own home, etc. I want to make my dreams come true as well. I stood by the lake at my parents house and dwelled on this thought long enough to devise a plan on how I can get closer to my dreams. I concocted an aim, a disposition on acheiving such. And it was really quite simple. I know what I’m not doing that has, in a way, hindered my progress with living the life that I truly want to live. Simply put, I am not organized.


When I was little, my mom drilled in my head that “organization is key. It unlocks many doors.”. Now, I didn’t understand where these doors were or how I could obtain these keys but as an adult, I find myself digging through my life trying to recall for the life of me, where I put the spare. I used to be so organized. I was on point with everything. Even after the birth of my daughter, being so young, I was systematic.

Now with two kids, staying organized has become a bit of a challenge. We have structure and stability in our lives but there are a few things that I’ve noticed that will definitely make a lot of difference. I find myself gravitating to all that is convenient. And while gravitating to this convenience, I tend to overlook the cost and the monies that I spend to take advantage of these accessibilities. And this is something that I really need to get a better grip on. I’ve addressed this issue in the past and honestly, I have gotten a bit better at it; but, there is room for improvement.

So, what is my plan?

I’ve made a list, offline of course, just because crossing out things on a list gives me a better feeling of accomplishment. (It’s a mind thing) It seems infinite, but I’m not backing down. Some of the things on my list may seem quite simple, but to me, they are significant. Anything that I can think of that will enhance my quality of life and allow me to reach greater heights, I’m doing it. Point. Blank. Period.

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  1. Shannon

    June 9, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    That is so great! I hope that you’re able to live out your dreams. I’m more than sure you will though. I know what you mean by organization. It’s very hard especially with children in the mix because things tend to get hectic. But I believe as they get older it gets easier over time.

  2. Terron

    June 10, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Hello, Im new to your site amd I must say its really great. I also wanted to add that you look WAYYY younger then you are (Not that your old by any means your still very young but you look even younger, if that makes sense lol).

    Anyway Congrats to your parents its really great that they where able to do that the house is very beautiful BTW, and i really hope your able to live out your dreams as well. im sure you will. reading this has inspired me a little though because, like everyone else i have dreams and reading this helps me understand even more that its not going to just be handed to me. I have to do SOMETHING .But yeah Im sure you’ll be able to pull through everything with kids and all you seem like your a really hard worker.

  3. Jaz

    June 11, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Good on you for making a list, it’s a terrific idea! I need to do the same. I’m only getting older & I want to finish achieving things in my life. One thing I have always wanted to do was go to the US & visit San Francisco… I kind of grew up watching 90’s television shows that were often based out of New York or San Francisco & even though they’re tv shows, I became attracted to the cities & really wanted to see them in person, so that will be next on my agenda now. San Fran! I watched shows like Full House, The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Nanny, all those. I miss them. My point is, I should start knocking off my goals on a list too & I know I’ll feel much greater for it. I am very proud of your parents for what they have accomplished! They must feel so happy & proud themselves. Buying your own home is an achievement!

    Jaz xxx

  4. Gerri

    June 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) I look forward to getting to know you through yours. Have a good week! ~Gerri

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