I’ve been at my job for 3-1/2 years. It has helped me acheive many great things. It has helped me raise my children and afford all of the things that I’ve wanted and needed. Last year, the company where I’m employed received notice that the site was going to be shut down as a result of the construction of two new centers. Everyone was given the opportunity to relocate to either center. And I almost considered it. Almost.

Then I thought that the move wouldn’t be a good one. Relocating would require me to continue employment with the company for a year before I decided to do something different. But then I thought about it… I’d be moving to a different state, with a Computer Science degree where I’d have to work a year doing something that has nothing to do with my degree.

I had plans. I had it all figured out. I had planned on actually keeping my job throughout my graduate career. I planned to continue to work the minimum amount of hours required to remain full-time, keep my benefits and incentives, etc. I had just purchased my car and 4 months later, I get the news that I will no longer be employed within a matter of time. I had a plan–and all that changed.

But for some reason, I was relieved. I had received notice that I would be working in my department’s Robotics Lab and I’d have my severage package to fill the void as I made the transition. This summer, I’m doing work in our Engineering deparment, and apparently, my boss was so impressed with my work that he extended the invitation to continue work if I wanted. Finding a new job is not why I’m relieved, however. It’s far from it.

I’m looking forward to being laid off so I could spend my time improving my family, my health, and just, relaxing. I could use the break. I have more time to focus on my graduate studies that begin in the fall. And I could use the extra time to be at home with my children. Being in school full time and working full time pretty much takes away from being with my family. I’m looking forward to being the one tucking them in more nights than before and having more energy to keep up with them. I can’t deny that I’ve felt some guilt for not always being able to be there because of school and work, even though I was doing something constructive, so I’m sort of treating this as an opportunity to make up for that lost time. I get to read more, have family dinners while the sun is still up, everything that normal families do.

Before, I was worried about how all of my bills were going to be paid.. how I was going to find a job that would work with my school schedule as well as my job now.. but things always seem to work out.

Anywho, I’m off to enjoy my birthday. I’m the big 2-5!

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