I have been following this case since it began and it’s still heartbreaking. It will always be heartbreaking because as a parent, as a daughter, as a sister, and as a friend, I can understand how the family and friends of TM may feel. What saddens me even more is how people are making a big issue of how we, the people who are able to sympathize, show our support. Maybe we can’t be there physically, or rally, or protest, but are we not supposed to show any type of support? And why does it matter how we show our support?

I’m not sure what people want other people to do. They want us to care, but when we do and when we show support, we’re considered followers or doing it just because everyone else is doing it. It’s never because we actually care. When this situation first came to light, everyone was mad because we were in the dark about it. Now that we’re showing support and are aware, some of those same people are, in a sense, telling us to fall back.

I know a black profile pic won’t change anything. But it shows my awareness. It shows I care. It shows my support. And if I’m wrong for that, then oh well!


A friend of mine expressed his confusion and disgust in regards to all those people who feel as if the “black profile pics” are ridiculous. Apparently, showing your support these days is a crime. A lot of my friends and family members are “blacking out.” And to me, it’s really a joy to see. When this incident occurred, a lot of people didn’t even know what was going on or who Trayvon Martin was. And that angered me more than people changing their profile pics to black.

Because apparently, changing your profile pic to support the cause won’t change anything. And maybe it won’t. But doesn’t it show that you’re aware of what’s going on? Because if I am not mistaken, not many knew that George Zimmerman gunned down a kid and wasn’t immediately arrested. Doesn’t it show that you are thinking and maybe even praying for the family, the friends, and the community of Trayvon Martin?

I may not be able to attend any rallies, but I can show my support. I may not be able to protest, but I can volunteer within my community to make sure kids have a positive environment to exist in. I can donate to my children’s Boys & Girls Club. I can dedicate my time to educational camps–give presentations to kids, devote my time to help kids build robots during the summer because at least for that period of time, they are safe. But ya’ll don’t fucking see me.

And that’s really not my purpose.. to broadcast what I do. My purpose is to do. And that’s what I do. I do.

I’d love to write more about how I feel about the situation, but to be honest, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe another day when I’m not as confused or unaware in regards to why showing SUPPORT is a bad thing to do. Maybe when I’m not as angry. So head over to Far From Satire. Maybe you can produce an answer to the “…..Why?”

Or, maybe he can sum it up for you:

..drops mic.

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  1. CeCe @Pink Sunshine

    July 12, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    It’s no different then when people were using those bars as their profile pic to support gay marriage. What’s to get upset about a profile pic for support. I haven’t been following the trial that closely. I think the whole thing just makes me too angry when I think about what happened and when I truly believe this man is not telling the truth.

  2. Haley

    July 13, 2013 at 2:29 am

    I’ve been following the case and I thought about writing about it on my blog but I don’t know where to start either. It makes me so, so upset. I watched the closing arguments yesterday and today by both the defense and prosecution and I’m just praying that the jury come to a just decision. I’m also praying for the friends and family of Trayvon Martin in their time of grieving–especially his brother because I’m so close to my siblings and couldn’t imagine losing one of them. People can be so hateful when it comes to using social media as a platform to share your beliefs about serious issues (although that’s what it should be). I agree, sure it won’t affect the jury’s decision but it shows that people care about this case, have compassion for Trayvon’s family and that people relate to this in some way.

  3. Faith

    July 13, 2013 at 7:03 am

    I completely agree with you. I have a post dedicated to this subject but I have yet to share it. I’m trying to keep the ruffling on my blog to a minimum, lol, but I know how I am. It’s going to make an appearance whether people like it or not.

    I saw a few people say pink won’t cure cancer, just like the blacking out of your profile pic won’t bring justice … This is called support. Something to that effect. Whoever said that could not be more right.

  4. Valla

    July 13, 2013 at 10:20 am

    This truly spoke the truth and it can’t get any more real than that. I really hope like most of everyone that Zimmerman gets what he deserves facts do not lie

  5. Amber

    July 13, 2013 at 10:44 am

    People are bringing so many other issues here — race, gender, profiling, law, the criminal justice system, the media, personal opinion — and none of those things matter. A human being took the life of another, and neither of them, especially Trayvon, will ever have life the way they did. Both of their lives and the lives of their families are shattered and changed forever. And this should grieve humanity. It should make you upset and sad that the state of our world is one where we even have to have trials because people are killing. So if that means you have to protest, rally, blog, or black out your profile picture, than by all means – go for it.

    I don’t get why people are becoming so outraged at the fact that people are outraged. I feel like the world wasn’t supposed to be this way, so in trying to deal with the craziness it causes people to act crazy? I don’t understand any of it, I just hope everyone — the victims, families, and the rest of the world who has been watching — finds peace soon.

  6. Law_Fal

    July 13, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I’ve been in my emotions about this case all week, and from the beginning…. And like you I have too many words & thoughts. It’s just, so much to say…..

  7. Kay

    July 22, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    I started following this case and then I stopped. I felt like justice was not going to be served. Trayvon Martin is BLACK!!! Is it a race thing? Yes!!! I said it. I mean it. I own it. The verdict didn’t shock me. Its sad that it shocked everyone else. We all talk about this weak justice system for decades. Why are we as a people so shocked?

    In my opinion, we all have a right to show support however we can. Whether its marching, signing petitions, speaking to their city council, whatever they can think of. There are so many people talking so much trash about blacking out they’re profile screen and they’re not even supporting period. Just running their trap.

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