The last few weeks have been a little hectic for me. Well, maybe hectic isn’t a good word because I’ve been doing what I’ve been needing to do with grace. Perhaps I should say busy & exciting. And the most exciting part? In two more days I will be on vacation until the beginning of the year. *Dabs* *Milly Rocks*


In between handling conference calls and other work-related matters and dabbin’, I was able to decorate a little bit outside, get the tree up, and last week I awaited the delivery of the gifts I ordered for family. I am proud to say that I am absolutely done shopping for all of the major gifts that need to go under the Christmas tree. I got a few things from my kids’ wish list and they collectively will get a basketball goal, a trampoline, and clothing. All that’s left is to wrap and purchase are a few things for our stockings. I decided not to go overboard this Christmas. I am beyond tired of seeing toys that are played with once or twice only to be seen in the pile that my children decided to donate every year. So this year will be short and sweet. So proud of the minimalist within me.

However, I am still trying to decide on a quick winter getaway we can get in before our vacation comes to an end. I have a few places in mind and found a few good deals but I’m trying to decide on which one will be best. I don’t want to go overboard since I plan on taking a trip in a few short weeks and taking them on a trip to Universal Studios sometime in March. Can you tell that I’ve deemed 2016 as the year of travel & experiences? I’m trying my best to give my kids less things and more experiences.

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  1. Law_Fal

    December 23, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    I’m beyond excited for a new year & new experiences!!!!

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