You know how for some reason you’re flipping through channels and you end up landing on the Hallmark Channel? And then you get sucked into watching the latest Christmas movie? And then before you know it, it’s 11PM and you realized that you’ve watched about three movies? This is me. Currently. While my bedroom has clothes and shoes scattered around the place trying to figure out what to pack.

My children and I are packing up and heading to Orlando for Christmas. And while I’ve become a pro at being an organized packer, there’s a bit more that I have to take into consideration when packing for my children. Here are a few of my Must-Dos and Must-Haves when I’m traveling with my children by plane.

Suitcases with 360° wheels

I swear by these things. I am NOT the one to have to pull a suitcase. I’m move of the type to make sure the suitcase keeps up with me. Especially when I have to run through that airport like I did when I left for Cabo. Mind you, I haven’t had to run through an airport since then, but I mean, just in case, I’m ready.

I snagged the both of these from Burlington and Marshall’s respectively for a really good price. At the last minute, because there were almost none left. Easy for if we all have to run since we’re flying out during the holidays. 


My children have been flown before and even though the flight wasn’t long, I felt that having entertainment at their fingertips, eased their anxiety. Especially for my daughter. Anyway, since we’re down to one tablet (mine) since they’ve broken theirs, I make sure it’s loaded with enough to keep them busy. Books, games, etc. And now that Netflix allows you to stream offline, I’m pretty sure that’ll make flying much more easier.


Snack Packs

I don’t know about anyone else, but the food and drinks on the planes are expensive. And since we’re not flying Copa where we’re fed at no additional cost, we’ll be well prepared to curb the hunger for the duration of the flight. I generally like to pack something salty, something sweet, and with a little bit in between.

I usually purchase a drink for the plane at the airport since they’re usually cheaper. I purchased the bottles to add the drinks to them before we board. Because again, drinks are waaay too expensive on the plane and I’m umm.. frugal. I picked up those $.50 school boxes to house the snacks and put their trash in a zip lock bag. That way, I can just hand the bag over when the flight attendants walk down the aisle.

*Don’t forget to pack extra for the return flight. 

Packing Cubes

Let me tell you how my travel life has changed using travel cubes. I just ordered some for my children which will help with keeping their things organized as well. Now keeping it organized will be the true task, especially for my son. Boys.. :sigh:

Anyway, I’m a roller and sometimes a folder so I find the cubes very convenient and perfect for the way that I pack clothes.

Packing List

And last but not least, A Check List. There are several that you can grab over on Pinterest, but I typically like to make my own. I’m a pretty particular person and I prefer things to look and be simple. I’ve been known to either overpack or underpack with no in between. But with a list, that’s usually the same, I almost, always, never forget anything.

What are a few of your must dos and must haves when traveling by yourself or with children?

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  1. Gwanyca

    January 12, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Is it crazy that I’m out here like note to self…get some snack packers lol Can you make a post about the organizers and how they work?

    1. Rae

      January 14, 2017 at 5:13 pm

      LOL! Those snack packs come in handy.. even for me.

      I’ll get a post out about using packing cubes soon. But if you don’t have any, definitely invest in some.

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    February 8, 2017 at 1:29 pm

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