I was over on Daenel’s blog when I saw that she was committing to documenting what life is like while under quarantine. I also thought it would be a good idea to participate since I solely use this place on the web as a way to document what occurs in my life. And I’d also like to fuse this with what I see Jessica of Storied & Styled doing on Instagram where she is finding gratefulness in every day. The fact of the matter is that it’s important to find the silver lining and appreciate things as they are. Or to at least take note of how things are as they happen, even if you can’t appreciate them at that very moment. Because you know, hindsight is always 20/20.

Light Reads

After writing my last post, consuming all of that information left me heavy. I needed something light, fun, and cheerful to read. I raided my kids’ bookshelves to grab something that I could finish within a few hours for the next few days. I decided on rereading Bridge to Terabithia and James and the Giant Peach without realizing the tragedy and misfortunate in both stories. Luckily, both had sweet endings.

Witnessing Growth

I started much earlier with the garden this year. Two new beds were added and I did some rearranging and restructuring. I also only used a few flowering transplants with the exception of the strawberry plants and blackberry vine. I’m proud to say that everything else is growing from seeds that were planted. I seem to appreciate the growth more and my marveling is greater.

There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done like adding another wooden bed from the watermelon, cleaning my potting station, and filling the last bed. But with all of this time at home, we definitely have the time. I can’t wait to reap the benefits in a few months.

Old Fashioned Pancakes

My daughter asked me one night while playing The Sims in my office if I knew how to make a dish that she couldn’t recall the name of. She goes on to tell me that you fry them and the edges are crispy and they are like pancakes. I couldn’t help but laugh and tell her that those ARE pancakes — old fashioned pancakes. I wish I would have known that my kids preferred this version instead of the boxes that I usually buy.

Anyway, I woke up early the next morning and started making some. Just as I remember my mother making them and her mother making them. With peanut butter on top. And it is a thing in our household now.

Baby Turtle

While my next few doctor’s appointments may end up being virtual appointments, I was able to get my ultrasound out of the way. Baby BOY will be here in August. A babyshower will most likely have to be virtual as well at the rate that we’re going. We’re still trying to decide between a jungle/bohemian or solar system theme for the nursery, but we also have a decent amount of time to decide and do what we need to do. We’re taking it as it comes.


I’m grateful that we’ve all been able to adjust as best as we can considering all that’s going on. My daily prayer is that we’re all able to get through this as best as we can.

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  1. Amanda

    April 15, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    Feels! CARLA!
    Congrats on baby turtle. Gardening – all I have is my house plants but one day I’ll have a yard. I giggled because your dog looks as if they’re smiling in the water melon picture. Old fashion pancakes – it hurts me to say I am not a fan of pancakes and its really about food consumption (I do small plates usually) but you are going to make a believer out of me – I’ll try whenever I get to throw brunch in my house again. Reading – I just admitted to Disa I am struggling to read and I should. I’m giving audiobooks a try but I’m not convinced yet.
    Still reading here <3.

  2. Breonna

    April 19, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    The only thing I’ve been able to read lately was The Little Prince and it was in one sitting. It felt nice to actually get something read cause I have no focus otherwise.
    Congrats on the baby!

  3. Bee Lola

    April 25, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    I’m still so excited about your baby. I called my sister after your last post and said “we are having a baby” lol. Your garden looks lovely, I keep saying I would like to start one, but between my inability to keep anything but tiny humans alive, and Illinois weather being a mess, I dont think I’ll be gardening this year. I thought I’d be reading and relaxing with this stay home order but between my unpaid internship as a substitute kindergarten teacher and feeding my roommates aka my family I dont have energy for much else. But I’m thankful everyone is healthy and okay so far, and hope we flatten the curve soon.

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