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Rabbit Holes For Your Weekend

Kinda got this idea while looking at one of Disa’s IG posts that graced my timeline. I spend A LOT of time on Twitter, mainly because I have access to so much information packaged in tiny bites that are delivered instantaneously and on-demand. That being the case, I heavily use the bookmarking feature when I see a topic that is interesting and I want to do a deep dive into when I have more time to digest all the info. Here are a few that I’ve saved over the last few months and I’m sharing them here because it’s  ...

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Surviving COVID-19 as a Black American

I gathered a few articles that particularly resonate with me as a black person in America, particularly the south where my state is considered a “hot spot”. My intent is not to cause an triggering or anxiety flares, but just to share some information in case this isn’t something that may have been buried under other headlines. ― Being Black While Wearing a Face Mask All around the world, we are seeing people wearing masks. And while there is a great debate on which ones are appropriate, the CDC suggested that  ...