Sometimes I’m impulsive when it comes to exciting, new opportunities and I leap. Most of the time I’m confident of my lengthy list of accomplishments, accolades, and experience, that has placed me in front of a recruiter. But all of the other times, I start to wonder: why couldn’t I have just kept my feet planted on the ground? — May 13, 2016

The last few weeks have been interesting. Busy, but interesting nonetheless. A combination of events that were not so fortunate and fortunate had me in a whirlwind trying to make my way back to my center. In this rediscovery, I had become cognizant of that fact that there was too much comfort. An abundance of stagnation. But fear always comes through in the clutch with the lessons, right? From past experiences, I’ve learned that fear teaches me how to dive so deeply within myself that I’m forced to bring forth everything that I’ve always needed when it seemed to be lost within me. It challenges me.. increases my awareness.. restructures my courage and aligns me with it. It enhances my confidence which consequently, makes me aware of my value and my corporate worth. And when I discover how all of the things I’ve learned continue to add to my worth, I start taxing. Sorry, not sorry.


The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. — Nelson Mandela

It’s true that sometimes the hardest decision that you have to make is the best one. I strongly feel that this was the best decision given the circumstances of my situation and considering the goals and plans for my and my family’s future. It’s all bittersweet, but this transition is necessary. It’s necessary for what I want to do in life. Where I want to go. How I want to ascend. And the legacy I want to leave behind.

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  1. Vaneese

    June 18, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    “And when I discover how all of the things I’ve learned continue to add to my worth, I start taxing. Sorry, not sorry.” This.

    So guilty of nitpicking positions and magnifying everything that I don’t have, when in actuality I have everything I need and more. You make a very good point and while I haven’t quite gotten there yet, I’m working on it! You are such an inspiration.
    Math.My Profile

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