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I Couldn’t Go Another Year Without a Garden

We had a garden when I was a young girl. So growing up, if we could produce it in our garden, that's what we ate. If any of you have tasted fruit/veggies from a garden compared to the store, you know the difference in the taste is significant. When I was planning my path to homeownership, I knew I needed to have a yard that was big enough to allow a garden. And since I have that and completely rising above procrastination, the first phase of my garden is complete.


Early Mornings and Kiwis

I don’t remember going to sleep last night. It had to have been pretty early since I woke up before dawn. I had plans to continue to lay in bed, but my body was up and ready to do something. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that type of energy and that early in the morning while still being stateside. Daylight’s Savings Time has taken some time to adjust to. Or maybe that was all in my head.. Whatever the case, I threw on my shoes and grabbed my beats. I walked until I was sore. Until the number of the scale made  ...


I Tried Floatation Therapy & I Loved It.

Last week was a heavy one. Not in a disastrous kind of way, but just in a demanding one, and I knew I needed some relief. I’ve always been guilty of holding on to things that I should have given to the wind a long time ago. From time to time, it;s a struggle to appropriately manage my stress. Often, I would conceal it, which does more harm than good. I needed to let all of it go and just float off somewhere. And I did — I tried Floatation Therapy. It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne  ...